Zircon StudSensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder

After years of procrastination, renovation of our home was inevitable! And I was going to do it all by myself! I started searching Amazon for an electronic stud finder. Zircon stud sensor e50 electronic stud finder stood out. When I bought it, it had over 70% positive reviews. I was impressed! I loved that previous consumer agreed that they didn’t have to go fishing around their walls with this device.

What my Zircon stud sensor e50 electronic stud got done

From the moment I held it in my hands, I loved it! I loved how it fitted incredibly in my hands. Talk of comfortable! I loved how I could easily rotate my hands while holding it. The rubber over molded grip ensured a secure grasp (with my sweaty hands, it surely come in handy lol.). Here is how this device simplified my renovation process.

Zircon StudSensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder
1,679 Reviews
Zircon StudSensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder
  • Locates the edges of wood or metal studs up to 3/4-Inch (19 mm) deep
  • DeepScan mode doubles the scanning depth to 1-1/2-inch
  • WireWarning detection indicates the presence of live wire up to 2"
  • Easy-to-read LCD display indicates when a stud edge is approached
  • Updated spotLite pointer shines an arrow-shaped light on the wall to mark the target

Easily located my 3/4 inches deep metal and wood studs

I bought the house simply because of its history. It’s been in existence since time in memorial. Meaning the wood and metal studs would be deep enough. And true to that, they were. Upon approaching an area with metal or wood studs, (whether the walls, ceiling or floor) this device would faithfully indicate it. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was.

Every time it indicates, I ensured I checked immediately for deep metal and wood studs. And 99% of the time they were there. I loved that about it because it saved me loads of time. The LCD display was on point! I hardly struggled to read the display. Probably because it was easy to read! Super thrilled how fast the process went.

Easily marked targets

I honestly felt like I had some sort of stud super power thanks to the spot lite pointer that came with this device. The bright arrow shaped light that displayed every time a target was found was fascinating, quite efficient and effective! (Lolest! I remember saying “freeze! I got you! meeeeen! It felt great!)

Deep Wire detections

Doing the house renovations alone, detecting areas with wires around the house was my greatest concern (no way was I leaving this world electrocuted). I must say, the 2 inches live wire detection ability indicated in the product description is true. It lived up to its live wire detection expectation. I’m a living (thankfully) witness.

Faster renovation

I dreaded the entire renovation simply because I had no idea such an impeccable device existed. I thought the process of locating metal and wood studs not to mention live wires and joists would take forever. However, I was able to move faster thanks to reduced scanning errors. I appreciated the doubled scanning depth then (who knew it was that efficient)

In conclusion

I’m grateful for playing a major part in my home renovations Zircon stud sensor e50 electronic stud. I loved the fact that a small hand device was so outstanding, efficient, and easy to use and handle. I highly recommend it to anyone anytime!